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QUESTION: Are there any Stylists or Barbers that keep a file on their customers to know how to cut their hair? It seems like everyone I go to does it differently, and I don't know the terminology to explain what I do and don't want them to do.

ANSWER: James,
 To my knowledge, most stylists don't make note of how they cut clients' hair, although some may. Although I keep a file on each client I don't chronicle how I cut their hair since most stylists can tell what they did before by combing through the last cut and asking a couple questions if needed. I do make a notation to remind me that someone is growing their hair longer or growing out layers so that I don't inadvertently start cutting like I'd been used to doing before. As for what to say to them and terminology, this is where they should be helping YOU. They should be questioning what you want and what you mean by the terminology you use and advising you as to what it is that you want and how they would refer to it, so you are both speaking the same language. For instance, many clients often say they want their hair mostly one length, but just some layers or layering around their face. What they really mean is that they want an angle around the face. It's my job to discuss the shape or effect they want and what I have to do to achieve that. Another example is that they may ask for the hair to be cut over the ear. I consider OVER the ear to mean covering the ear either fully or partially. If they want the ear showing I would consider that AROUND the ear. Just explain to the best of your ability more what you DON'T want and then what you do want. Also, and very important, it's really best to stay with one stylist to give them the opportunity to get to know and understand you and your hair and what you like. The first time may not be perfect, but the next time you can explain that while the back was great, maybe the sides felt a bit too thick or the top fell really flat, etc. Then they only have to work to fine tune it instead of a new stylist trying to learn everything about your hair at one time.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)

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QUESTION: Well I want to a $10 a cut Barber shop today and although I liked the front and sides, the back was far to narrow around my neck making my head look like a lightbulb from the back. I don't know what the flat area of hair near the start of the neck is called, but I feel he totally messed it up. And also I have smelled like his cigarettes pretty much all day which I didn't appreciate. I can't seem to find someone that does the best job and is local to me. It seems I have to go quite a distance to get a decent hair cut. I don't know where to look or whether to favor men or women cutting my hair. How do I even find a place to go? I'd done Supercuts till I started losing hair, then a women's salon 2 towns over, a women's salon one town over, one time with someone I know who cuts hair, and today with the barber shop guy. I prefered the women's salon prior to this guy, but those haircuts take at least an hour to finish, and I think she made me look a little to latin. Nothing seems to work.

OK, a haircut shouldn't take an hour to finish, period. If you liked the job the girl did, but you looked to Latin, try her again and explain that to her and what you'd like different. You've already got a decent start there. Other than that, just watch for guys with good looking cuts like you would like and ask where they go. They'll be flattered you noticed and you can find someone who does what you're looking for. You'll still probably have to give them a chance or two to get it totally right, but again, you'll know that they can do it.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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