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QUESTION: Hi dana I went to get a haircolor not sure what haircolor the stylist used as I wanted a medium brown but it looks like a very dark brown. anyhow I was ok with tbat as it will fade oit and lastblonger. but I find thatIit don't look gvood as I saw a few tinges of lighgter pieces grays that were not covered. should the sgylist have left color in a little nlonger? why am I seeing grays when I just got my hair colored? even when I was in chair i asked stylist if all greys were covered and she said yes.t  I will be gvetting ombre? what is best color to look good with ombre highlights? colored I asked stylist if all grays were covered and she said yes. what should I do when I go back? what should I tell her?

ANSWER: Hi Cari,

There are many factors that can prevent gray from covering well. Without a lot more details I can only guess and that won't do you any good at the moment. Wat you DO need to do is let the stylist know asap that there's a problem. The loner you wait to say something, the less inclined the stylist will feel to fix it. Are you getting the ombre service done by the same stylist?

As for what color looks best, there is no hard and fast rule. Since the ombre is supposed to look very natural, I usually like a color that is the same as the base color only lighter. You need something that looks good and compliments your skin tone. The ombré is supposed to look like you've been sitting on the beach. Very natural and seamless. Some people do like bold though. Either way, what will look best depends on what color your hair already is and your skin tone.

Don't wait until you go back. Call right away and let her know your gray did not completely cover and ask when and how it can be fixed. Be sure to tell her it wasn't covered since it was colored, not that it resurfaced after a few shampoos. She may just need to tweak her formula a bit.

Good luck

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QUESTION: Ido u think she didn't leave it on long enough? she used a permanent color in aveda med brown but it loked better butddidn't have natural looking highlights in it hich at another salon I got that only greys weren't completely covered. yes having same stylist do ombre. what do u mean it should be same color as base? she will be using a golden blonde is that ok? should the color fade into that. better to start it at neck or end of ear? What looks best? pls advise thanks

As far as how long she allowed it to process, I have no way of knowing that. There's really only three things that can cause a color to be less than expected. Formulation, timing and application. If any of those are off by a bit the outcome is less than predictable.

When I say the color should be the same color as the base, only lighter, I mean that to make it as natural as possible, the color used for the ombre' highlights should be the same color as the color used to cover your gray but be lighter. So, if your base color, (the one used to cover your gray is 4N, your ombre' should go gradually through 5N, 6N,7N, 8N, depending on how light your highlights will be. As opposed to say a 4N (natural brown) to cover your gray and new growth and a bright red, for example as your highlights. The ombre' can be done with any color combination but for the most natural, "I've been sitting on the beach" look it should be seamless and subtle. You can't do subtle with bright or contrasting colors.

As to where they should start, that is determined by the length of your hair and your particular hair cut. Color should always be designed to compliment the cut. You don't just throw the color on where ever it lands. It's place base on how your hair lays within the hair cut. In general, ombre' works best on hair that's at least 6 inches long but that doesn't have anything to do with how it's placed. :c)  


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