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Ok, so as the subject states, I have fine curly hair and it is driving me crazy! I don't know what to do with it. When I step out of the shower and let my hair dry, it drys wavy/curly (it's not super curly), which looks great! But if I even so much as sleep, the curl get flattened out, my hair looks straight and I can't get the curly hair again unless I take another shower. Which is kind of hard, I can't keep taking showers after every nap. So I was wondering if you could suggest any products/methods to help me maintain my curls instead of having them flatten out every single day. I know people with fine hair are supposed to wash their hair every day but I've found that if I do that more than twice a week, my hair starts getting unbelievably wispy and frizzy so I don't think that that is an option. As of now, here is my hair care regimen:
-once a week (sometimes twice) I put oil on my hair- a combination of coconut and castor oil. I let that stay overnight and usually wash it off the next day
-twice a week I'll wash my hair with Renpure Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I'm pretty sure my hair doesn't like  the shampoos w lots of sulfates and chemicals, I used to use Suave and Tresemme, both products that most people love, and it wrecked my hair. But ever since I switched to this natural stuff, things are better. I used Renpure because it seemed to work and it was affordable (I'm a college student so I run on a tight budget) but if you have a better suggestion, I'd love to hear it!
-sometimes, to revitalize my hair, I'll use Curl Junkie's Coffee Coco Curl Creme light, but I only use a little bit because I'm not sure if its too heavy for my hair
-sometimes, if my hair's looking too greasy and I have no time, I'll use Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, but it just makes my hair look not greasy, obviously it doesn't bring back any curls
-I also very rarely blow dry or straighten my hair, I don't really use hot tools on my hair but if you could suggest a heat protectant for when I do, that would be great.

sorry for the long message, all the personal info took up some room. Basically, to reiterate, I just need some help figuring out a way to maintain my curls in this fine, thin hair, preferably a way that isn't exorbitantly pricey or damages my hair.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Sheila

Thanks for asking your question.  I understand your plight about fine curly hair.  You told me about how you take care of your hair but not your haircut.  Fine hair, especially fine curly hair, can be best cut in a "stacking" technique. Any good stylist will know what this is.  It will lift your curl and make your hair fuller.  I'm not exactly sure why you apply oil on your hair once a week. This could weigh down your hair, make it limp especially fine hair.  If this is to moisturize your hair, it really isn't necessary.  If you always shampoo your hair with hydrating or moisturizing shampoo it will stay hydrated.  Bouncing back your curl after can try mixing in a spray bottle half water and half moisturizing conditioner.  Spray lightly on your hair and scrunch curl back between shampoos.  You can also try any "curl spray" product between shampoos.  If you dry your hair even after one of these in between methods head down, scrunch and blow dry at same time.  There is a product called Biosilk Silk Therapy, you can also get the generic version of this product at Sallys Beauty Supply, in store or online.  Apply just a little, like pea size on your damp hair then blow dry or let dry naturally.   This will protect your hair and give a shine.  Great product.  

I hope this was some help to you.  thank you again for your question and Happy New Year!!


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