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58 yr old female getting 3-4 perms a yr for 25 yrs, occassionally (4 times out ot 25 yrs) it has to be REpermed.
My stylist/friend/neighbor has been doing it in the shop for 20 yrs.SHE KNOWS MY HAIR!  I take lots of medications, none have changed the whole time & they keep saying "It's all that medicine you take" how can that be that out of 100 perms that always come out so perfect I get compliments on my " natural curls" the medicine is in my hair the whole time, no changes! 4 weeks ago I got a perm that fell out completely overnight.
We waited 4 weeks, I got it permed again yesterday  and when I woke up this AM, I could tell this one didn't take either. They can't REperm it again at no charge ( I still tip) but  everyone is baffled so they just say " it's the medicine".I find that extremely hard to believe especially with my past success while taking the SAME meds the whole 25 yrs. my stylist says my perm failure is torturing her!  Do you have any recommendations?
We are all at wits end!!!   If you need any further info, just email me.  By the way I follow ALL PERM RULES religiously.  HELP!!!!!

 Even with having many successes, there can still be a failure every so often, unfortunately. I'll recommend some procedures for re-doing it and for future reference. First, have her make sure to do a clarifying or better yet, chelatng treatment first to get rid of minerals or medications in the hair that could interfere. Then condition and rinse. She must use sections no larger than the size of the rod for maximum curl. Once she sees the curl she wants and rinses, have her rinse for some extra time, until she cannot smell the lotion on the hair or feel ANY slick feeling when she touches the rods. After blotting well she will leave it at least 20 minutes before applying the neutralizer, blotting sell every 5 minutes. At 20 minutes she will take a test curl just like when processing. If it doesn't look crisp enough she will blot well and check again in 5 more minutes. Once it looks good she will apply the neutralizer for the proper amount of time and the rinse ON THE RODS. Then she will remove the rods and rinse again and condition. The extra time before neutralizing will allow the hair to stabilize better.
Best of luck to you,
Stephe (hairman)


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