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Hi Dana,

I am getting my hair foiled later this week.  This is updating my virgin hair.  My colorist is considered the cream of the crop in the industry, and is the director of the salon she works at.  She did a really good job creating me nice dimensions, and not having me get orange (very nice platinum blonde), however, one area did bleed, and she did not seem to notice it when she dried it.  My mom helped me pull it back the same day, since she is just really good at working with a comb, and I guess I just wanted everything to be perfect... Mom was unaware, as she told me upfront when a stylist from the past (even though she did my hair for 20 years this happened) got me a line all along the area a few inches above my occipital bone, of neon orange bleeds.  So, if Mom noticed, she would have said something, especially when you consider I pay top dollar.  I saw it when I held a mirror, and saw the back (it was toward the middle of my head).  I politely came to the salon, and she fixed it, no questions, no charge.  I don't think she noticed, and I know it wasn't intentional, but I am nervous~ how can one not be, really?  She said rather than do the "cake slice" method, she is going to weave this time... should that help too?  Unfortunately, I'll get really orange if she doesn't use heat, as I did in the past.  She also said she will really pack them in... does that help reduce the chances of bleeds?  I am certain that she won't give me the run around if something goes haywire, but the stylist from the past, who fried my hair, leaving me looking like a carrot told me to wait a week for her to fix it, that she was done for the day, and that was that.  I of course would not go back there on a dare for anything, but isn't that the wrong way to handle clients?  Also, is it true that bleeds can happen even to the best of the best in the industry (would you probably faint if you saw one with your work??)?  That is what I was told by a friend who lives out of state, who has done hair for almost 20 years now.  She says I worry way too much about bleeds, but it has happened to me, so I am just curious as to whether or not you would tell me to untighten, with the information the stylist told me, about doing things differently.  How could I communicate how worried I am, without getting her worked up?  It would be the same no matter who did my hair, in terms of my anxiety, which is why I want to work with a stylist with experience.

Hi Stephanie,

I'm not sure what your specific question is.  You went back, had the bleed fixed with no questions asked, solutions were offered as to how to prevent it from happening again, and you say she didn't do it on purpose. On top of that, neither she nor your mother noticed it, which leads me to believe it couldn't have been very obvious to anyone unless they were combing thorough your hair looking for I as you obviously were. You also say the designer is top in the industry - not just your area, and that you pay top dollar.  I can only take your word on that and I have no reason not to believe you.

So, do bleeds occur, even to the best in the industry from time to time? Of course.  Will weaving help prevent a hard line? Yes. This designer has already proven that she's better than the one who turned you oarange by giving you excellent service,  beautiful color, and standing behind her work by fixing a bleed line with no questions asked and offering solutions to prevent it from happening again.

Did your previous designer handle the situation appropriately? Evidently not because you were dissatisfied with the service.

Would I faint if I saw ONE bleed line? In. I would fix it, analyze the growth patterns, head shape and highlighting pattern and technique and figure out what I needed to do to prevent it from happening again. Then, I would thank you for allowing me the opportunity to fix it and assure you that at this level of customized service, you wouldn't need to worry about it happening again. (Which, incidentally, is what this designer did).

While I believe wholeheartedly that the anxiety a client feels is directly proportionate to the quality of my service, I think I agree with your out of state friend. I believe you are entitled to get what you pay for and have your expectations met, it mY help you to know two things: 1 - every single client that sits in our chairs is different. The texture, density, shape of your head, skin, hair color, everything is unique to you. So, by finding one designer that you trust and like, and sticking with them, is the best way for us to get to know all the intricacies of YOUR hair.  The more we work with someone, the better get.  2 - being an expert doesn't mean that everything we do is spit I. And perfect every time. Being an expert means we know what to do when the unexpected occurs and how to prevent it from happening again.

So, here's my opinion. First, I think your designer has already proven that she's willing to go the extra mile. I also think it would be rude and pretentious of me to tell you you lighten up and not worry because I have never met you. From a professional standpoint, what you have told me about this designer is enough for me to believe that you have nothing to worry about.  But telling a person who's prone to anxiety not to worry is like telling a baby not to cry when mom walks out of the room.  I've actually had a couple of clients over the years who were so anxious about coloring their hair that I suggested hair color may. It be the right service for them. If that's you, that's something you would have to determine for yourself.  

As for talking to your designer without getting her all worked up, being politely honest and straight forward is not likely to rattle a professional with excellent work ethic.  

I'd love to know who you designer is. If she's a top in the industry, I most likely know her or at least know of her. If I knew who it was I could tell more about the type of work she does and if your anxiety was misplaced. In the meantime, all you can do is be honest.  


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