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Hairstyling/Cover White/Gray Hairs on a natural redhead


I have naturally red hair.  When I was younger, it had strands of several colors actually, but overall it was not a dark red at all. I have very pale skin and light eyes. I think that there were some copper and burgendy strands and some blonde ones too.  I had it colored at a salon when it started going white a little.  I let them know I wanted it to look the same and very natuarl.  It was colored darker than my original color.  I have kept that shade for a few years, Redken Shades EQ 8WG for 3-4 years now because I was told that once you go darker, you can't go lighter.  The 8WG is put on straight at the roots and for the rest of my hair, they mix in a little clear to keep the ends from getting too dark.  They are still darker than the top of my head.  I haven't colored my hair now in about 4-5 months, so there is a lot of regrowth and a stylist could see my real color and the amount of white coming through pretty easily now.  What I want to know is this:  What would happen if we put a blonde color on my red hair of the redken shades eq product?  It washes out over time, so it shouldn't leave lines.  Would it color my white hairs blonde and leave the rest of my hair alone, so the small percentage of white would be blonde?  I like the color variation among the strands like I used to have.  It is an allover flat darker color now.  Would it bring back my hair to more like a strawbery blonde and give me the variation that I want, or do something terribly wrong to my red hair that is darker than than the blonde I would be putting on the cover the white hairs?  Any suggestions on how to get my original coloring back without being so dark would be appreciated.  I am not one to highlight and things like that.  I like to be as natural as possible.  Thank you

 Here's the deal. Your thinking is pretty much right on. They should have been able to do this for you from the start, since they were starting with a fresh canvas. Ho can get what you want, but here is the down side. They will first have to SLIGHTLY lift out the ends where you already have color so that a lighter color can show. The lighter color won't show over a darker one. All they have to do is lift the ends a slight amount so they don't look so dark. Then they can apply the color you want. The blonder color will really only show on the grey strands so you should have the more natural look that you want. Again, there would be no getting around slightly lifting the ends first to get what you want. After being lifted (lightened) the ends will lack some of the variation you will see in the new growth, but should still have some if the do it properly.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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