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1. Blond 2.crimson red 3..spicey red
1. Blond 2.crimson red  
QUESTION: I bleached my hair for about 3 months or so . So then I just got tired of it and wanted to do a red or something. Didn't know that I should have used a protein filler first I found out afterwards so I put a red on of course I got Pinkhair so I got a neutral protein filler and a dark brown color put it on and still I got pink hair and U still could see the blond on the tips. So I got a red protein filler and put on a semi-permanent color Crimson (82) and got the exact color red. So now I am tired of that so I put in more red protein filler and died my hair with a dark and lovely spicy red(66) store boxed color which is what I suppose to have now! To be honest with u ! I really don't know what color my hair is right now!!! What do I need to do from this point? Will I ever be able to regain my natural hair color back? How do u put the color pigments back in after bleaching them out? I am a African American and wearing my hair natural no chemicals for about a year now! In case you were wondering (smile) I TRUELY am in need of your expert help and opinion! Thank u for your time! God Bless!!!🙏😊

ANSWER: Hugs Tanya,

It's possible that you overdid the bleach a bit. If that's the case, it's very difficult to get color to stick.  You need to stick with demi color from here on out and layer it a level or two at a time to get it gradually darker. The good news is, demi color doesn't damage hair. It's more like a conditioning treament with tint in it.  To neutralize a color, you apply the color on the opposite side of the color wheel but I don't think you'll be able to that with where it is now.  I would start with a dark blond. Then apply a light brown, then a medium brown. By applying the color in layers like that, the final color will hold better and you replace missing pigments as you darken.  By that time, you should be seeing a darker and more balanced color.  It would probably be a good idea to use a good deep conditioning treatment that has both protein and moisturizer before and after.  

And, I have to say this to you because I say it to everyone. I do not, under any circumstances, recommend doing color at home.  If you end up having to go to a pro to get it fixed it will be very expensive. :c)

Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So are u saying that should not apply a permanent hair color because it's not going to take  that I should only use demi (which I don't know what that is) color only! All I want right now is to get my natural hair color back. Or dye my hair red with a permanent color! Do u suggest using the protein fillers at all!
I seriously need your input ! My hair is a mess right now !

Thank u!

ANSWER: What I'm saying is, even when you repeatedly put permanent color over permanent color, your hair will continue to break down.  Even one color application causes a bit of damage. Demi color doesn't lift your hair color. It only puts color in, so no damage.  

Yes, you need to fill. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say protein fillers. There are two types of fills. One is with protein to even out porosity and one replaces missing pigments between the color your hair is and the color you want to end up with.  

Because your hair didn't accept the color last time, I am assuming that you need both.  But, if you apply a demi color, some call it semi permanent, and you layer it, it should start to stick and you'll end up with a red that will hold.  Protein will help it stick as well.  You can't get your natural hair "back". You can dye it to something similar. But your best bet is to do no more color removal. Put color back, in layers, with demi color.  

Happy Thanksgiving

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: What do u mean when u say to put the Demi color on in layers? Do u mean to apply it weekly,monthly or what?
Also if I do a red Demi should I use a red colored filler or neutral filler?
Is there any way to keep the Demi colors from bleeding when your gets wet? I find that it does this and it stains my sheets and clothes?

Applying In layers means you apply it, let it sit the recommended amount of time,  rinse, dry and reapply. Demi colors don't  bleed. They act much like permanent color. They just don't have the chemical reaction that permanent color has  so they only deposit  color. They won't make your hair lighter. They just add color. Hence no damage. Damage occurs during the lifting process, even if you low volume developer.

The color of the fill formula is determined by the color your hair is and the color you want it to be, but in general, if you want red hair, a warm or red shade will be best. Fill formulas are darker than your hair but lighter than the desired result. really need to have  someone do this for you.  Even a reputable beauty school could save you a lot of time and trouble. :c)


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