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Hairstyling/How to manage extremely curly hair and lessen hairfall?


    I am a 17 year old high school girl. I have thick, very dry and very curly hair. Recently, the amount of hairfall I normally have increased and slowly I am losing hair from the front which makes me look bald in the forehead. Also, after applying shampoo and conditioner, my hair becomes extremely frizzy. I decided to go for permanent hair straightening or a hair smoothening treatment. But all the websites that I checked warned that both straightening and smoothening can cause more hairfall, and that is not what I want. So I decided to play safe and use a hair serum to reduce the frizz. But before that I would like an experts opinion. Do you think straightening or smoothening will damage my hair more? If so, please suggest what should I do to unkink my curls or atleast make them more manageable and less dry. Also, what products should I use to reduce hairfall and make my forehead portion look less bald? I use hair products (shampoo and conditioner) of Tresemme. Should I use a serum? It would mean a lot if you could help me out. Thank you.

Hi Srija,

You need to determine what's causing the problem in the first place before you can know what to do to treat it. Smoothing treatments in the the form of keratin can be very conditioning but if your hair is fragile and breaking you won't be able to get one until your hair is healthier. Tresemme isn't conditioning enough.. You need a specialty shampoo and conditioner. The one you're using is a generic, all purpose type but it's not conditioning enough. There's also a difference in hair breaking off and falling out.

You'll need a good deep conditioning treatment that includes both protein and moisture. Without knowing where you are I can't really recommend specific products but I would highly recommend going to a salon for a consultation so a pro can look at your hair to see if they can determine what's going on. It's possible it's hereditary, hormonal, stress, thyroid, something lacking in your diet, or it could be that you just need the right treatments. There's no way to tell without being able to see your hair.

In the meantime, you need a deep conditioning mask and a leave in serum of some sort. Moroccan Oil or something like that you to apply daily.  I would avoid all chemical treatments until you get the moisture back into your hair. Curly tends to be naturally dry and requires special care but it does sound like you need extra conditioning. Start with a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, preferably something for curly hair and a leave in serum.  Most reputable salons offer complimentary consultations so I highly recommend taking advantage of that service. You need someone who works with curly hair to take a closer look and give you specific recommendations about products and general suggestions on how to restore it through your at home care.  


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