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QUESTION: I have long thick hair and had only About an inch of layers. It didn't do much for my hair tho and don't believe she used any kind of point cur. Would like to know stylist used deep point cutting to layer my hair. I'm not sure what diff was between regular pont cut and Deepbpoint cutting? What is better? I like the end to be not bilku yet throughout my hair I like it full. Seems point cutting makes my hair lay too flat All over. Is just regular point cut better next time? Also do those kind of layers take long to grow out? Also it won't create fly always on top being cut this way? Please reply asap thanks do much Dana :)

ANSWER: Hi Teresa,

The type and amount of layers, how they are cut, and whether or not you point cut is all determined by the style you're trying to achieve and the thickness and texture of your hair. So I can't really answer your question because I don't have any of that information.

Point cutting removes weight. The deeper the cut, the more weight is removed. If your hair is very long, an inch of layering isn't going to remove much weight regardless of how it's done. If you want your hair fuller, it needs to be cut to the round of your head. That can be done with or without point cutting. I can't tell by your question if you got point cutting this time or not but it should not cause frizz or fly aways. Point cutting just removes weight and hard lines.

How fast it takes the layers to grow out depends on how short the layers are but point cutting won't create lines so you don't really see the layers. They just give the hair movement and remove weight.  

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QUESTION: Yes I got deep point cutting and inside it seems yp make my hair lie too flat. Also looks like on one side I have more layers than another. Another ques what shampoo and conditioner u suggest that will give my hair a lot of volume? I don't see flyaways but didn't wash it yet and also will the ends grow out stringy if I just cut the length and decide to let the deep point layers grow out? Thanks

ANSWER: If you keep the ends trimmed they won't grow out stringy because you'll be cutting off the buts have been thinned.

Your hair needs to be cut for volume. Shampoo isn't going to help if the cut isn't right. And, if you have more layers on one side than the other, it sounds like you just need to go back and get it fixed.

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QUESTION: So what do u mean l
It won't look stringy cuz I'll be cutting off The  BUTS have been thinned? Also would chunky hilites be better? Will they keep my hair lookingthick thought mid section but flat on ends? Please reply asap o will send u a pic please tell me how to explain I want this cut

Sorry, bits, not buts.

I don't like chunky highlights in general so I can't really speak to that. I don't think they make hair look thick. But, some people like them and think they do. Chunky highlights look like vertical stripes on the sides  so they don't make hair look thick. I prefer color to be placed diagonally to create depth and movement. Keeping the lighter color off of the hair you want to look flat so that it's darker will work though regardless of how you have the color placed.

Just take the picture with you and show the stylist what you like about it and ask if your hair will do that.  There is no universal hair language so I can't tell you exactly what to say with any guarantee that the stylist you go to will interpret what you say the same way. The picture, along with your likes and dislikes, will tell the stylist what they need to know.

I like that pic. Nice cut.  


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