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Hairstyling/Chlorine on color treated hair


I've gone to the same hairstylist for 10 years. She is great with coloring and cutting my hair. However, she hasn't any suggestions about summer time pool swimming with color treated hair. ( except don't put your head under) I like to swim laps everyday. Can you please recommend products or techniques to save my hair color and high lights? I usually use pure volume Pureology shampoo and conditioner. Thank you, Suzanne

Hi Suzanne,

I have all my swimmers buy the cheapest bottle of cream rinse they can find and water bottle with a spray nozzle. fill the bottle 1/2 way with the cream rinse, add hot water and shake it till your arm hurts. When you're ready to swim, braid your hair and then dampen it with the water/cream rinse. When you're out of the water, spray your hair from time to time to keep it damp until you're ready to shampoo. Don't let your hair dry with the pool water in your hair and especially if you're sitting out in the sun.

Matrix and Redken both make color protect products specifically for sun exposure in the summer. The shampoo and conditioner in both lines have added color protection and they both make a spray to use on your hair while in the sun. I like the water and cream rinse because it's cheap and easy. The big thing is to have your hair wet with the cream rinse and water before you get in the pool. Hair is just like fabric or a sponge. It will only hold so much and the excess will run off. If your hair is already wet, it can't absorb as much of the pool water and the cream rinse acts as a bit of a barrier to help protect from fading. You still need to use your Pureology as usual. The cream rinse won't do anything for the condition. It's just to prevent your hair from absorbing as much of the chlorinated water.

Happy summer!


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