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Hairstyling/Hair toner washing out after one wash?


Hi, and thank you for your help. I am not sure what is going on with my hair. I have healthy brown hair and 2 weeks ago I got a beige blonde ombre done at the salon. After just 2 washes the blonde turned into a light strawberry blonde/copper color. I called the stylist and went in to get it fixed. She said she wasn't sure why the color changed so fast and decided to lift the blonde a little more, and then she told me the color should be fine now. Well, again after just 2 washes I can already tell that my hair is not the exact same color I walked out of the salon with. It is not as brassy as the first time, but it is slightly more of a strawberry blonde. What is causing this? Is the toner washing out and if so why? I know toner is not permanent but she told me it should last a while. This was my first time getting my hair dyed, and I'm extremely disappointed that the color is not what I paid for.

Hi Leah,

Sorry for the delayed response I was not aware I had any questions.

While reading your question the first thing I immediately think about is what shampoo are you using at home on your hair or even styling products used to style your hair? If your using a brand that comes from a grocery store, drug store, or WalMart type store then that would be the reason your color is fading so quickly. If you are using a professional brand shampoo then my next thought would be, do you have well water at home? If no well water then I would ask if you are on any medications that you take on a regular basis? Any of these things can effect the color on the hair especially when it is only a temporary toner. If none of the things I mentioned are causing your color to fade so quickly then it could be the brand of color that was used on your hair. Maybe it was a bad batch or maybe it just isn't a good brand. I don't know anything of the brand you mentioned she used so I really cannot say if it is a good brand or not.  

I hope this helps you figure out why your color faded so quickly, but I want to also state that these are just suggestions as it is very difficult to asses any hair situation without seeing the hair for myself. Thank you for asking me your question and if you have any more questions please use the follow up link provided.  


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