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I have waited almost too late to get what I want for my hair.  May even be too to be able to help me.  My natural color has turned into a dark blonde/brown color as I have.gotten older and now have quite a bit of silver coming in.  My family turns prematurely grey early in their lives.  My mom is 57 and is white.not grey headed now.  So at 39 my silver is coming on strong.  Ok back to my questions..... I usually have my hair done @ a beauty salon (been going there for 17 yrs).  I always.stay with the same colors.  I have moved & it's 1hr 30 min drive and money is tight.  The last time she foiledin 2-3 colors.  A brown, then my blogs nde shade & then we foiled in my blonde highlights.   She uses the blogs nde that is on the golden side instead of the white blonde.  Anyway haven't been to see her in about 6-( months. There is some regrowth, about 3-4 inches or more.  So I am leaving for Florida on June 9 or June 10, 2014. one can get me in & everyone that I have.tried here.does.not understand the color I want and simply tries to bleach it out & almost every one of them wants hair off.  I have been working on the length of my hair for yrs.  I went to Sally beauty supply yesterday and the ladies tried her best to help me.  I am so scared of damaging my hairB & having irreversible damage.  We went with a Demi color (ION DEMI 7NA-7.01 MED. ASH BLONDEBLONDE) THEN WE.GOT FOILS & I BOUGHT THE ION BELIEVABLE BLONDES 9NA-9.0 VERY LIGHT BLONDE FOR HIGHLIGHTS.  She told me to put the blonde on first (highlights) & then only do the regrowth with ash blonde.  I am about to just drop the while the whole thing!  Can you explain this & tell me the easiest way to do this?  Isn't there a Demi color that is a.pretty blogs nde with high & low lights?   Using a Demi color to brighten my look & it wouldn't be damaging or permanent was what I was looking for.  A quick pretty fix & maybe a little different than what I have now that would Cher the grey seemed simple & I only needed it for my vacation and just until I could get in to my beautician.  If I could foil in the highlights and not mess them up I most certainly would do it.  What would the ion Demi Med ash blogs nde.look like if I just done all of my hair with it?

Hi Julie,

I apologize for my delayed response I didn't get any messages telling me I had a question but now that I know I am here to help you. First of all do not put anything on your hair because you actually have a difficult color service already on your hair and every time you put something on it and it doesn't work it becomes a corrective service to have it fixed so if you were to put two different demi's on your hair and didn't like it, you would now need at least two corrective services to fix it. Corrective hair coloring is very expensive.

You gave me a lot of info to process without seeing the hair in person it is very difficult to give you hair advice so I want to be very clear that any advice is strictly an estimation okay. I do not know the product your stylist uses, blogs nde and I know of the ION products but have never used them personally BUT from what I have read in your description and from my knowledge on color (which is quite extensive) if you put an ash color on grey white hair it is going to look greenish in color. When using a Demi color you must always go a shade lighter than what you are wanting or have used in permanent color becuase Demi color will come out a shade darker than what you would get with a permanent color. Also employees at Sally's aren't always licensed Cosmetologists so if the gal that was helping you isn't a licensed professional you could really end up with some bad advice. I once was told I could mix brands of color and developer one time which is absolutely a no no.

You also have a difficult color situation because with the amount of grow out you have if you are not done correctly you could end up with color bands on your hair from not applying the color correctly for the amount of grow you you have.

I know this probably isn't the answer you were looking for and I am really sorry about that but please let your stylist do your hair because like I stated earlier you have a very difficult color for the type of hair you described and the amount of grow out you now have. I do know there are many salons that are based on a walk in type of salon where appointments are never needed you just go in and sign up and it is a first come first served basis.

I hope I am not too late in my reply and I apologize again for my delayed response. If you have any other questions please use the link provided. Thank you for your question and I hope everything works out for you and enjoy your vacation.  


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