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QUESTION: Hi, I recently went to have my hair lightened and the guy who did my hair said I was a level 2 when I got there. I wanted to go to light brown so instead of bleaching my hair, he used toner which the end result brought my hair to about a level 6. I would really like to know if you can please help me and tell me what color can I put on it so that I can cover the roots and the grays that are starting to come in without making my hair go back to looking black. My goal is to be light brown and adventually add blonde highlights. Right now the back is more of a medium brown with alot of red in it and the front is a lighter brown but has orange in it. I don't want orange or red in my hair at all. I just want my hair light brown. I have gray mostly at the temples and sum on the top where the roots are coming out. I really hope this helps give you an idea of how my hair looks and that you can help me.
Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear Karole
Please upload a pic so i may see your hair.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Color of top
Color of top  

Color of back
Color of back  
QUESTION: I dnt knw if these pics will help but I tries to show you the front color in one pic and the back color in the other pic.

Your hair is 2 colors and needs to be 1 color.
If u walked into my salon i would only dye the red brown to match the brown ends.
It is impossible to make dyed brown hair lite brown without the results being red.
Go back to that salon and demand your money back or demand they correct their mistake by dying the red to brown.
They should never had attempted it in the first place.
Hope u appreciate my honesty.


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