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Hello, I am wondering the Longest I can get away without a trim, without the hair being compromised or split up the shaft (if this is even true).  I lighten my hair quite a bit, and it is bit parched/dry, but thick and healthy otherwise. I have never been told that I have split ends, but I just notice myself they look a little frayed maybe now?  I am also trying to grown it long for a change.  I can never find the real answer on this.  Thank you so much!  Susanne

 This is something that varies greatly from person to person for many factors, such as condition, what you do to it with regard to chemical services and styling, etc.
To go through your questions;
Hair splits at the ends only, not up the shaft. What you are seeing is the split ends of shorter strands. The healthier your hair, the longer you can go between trims. Someone with natural hair that does not get much heat styling can probably go about 3 months between trims. Someone who has colour, especially lightening, and heat styling will probably need to go about 6-8 tops before the ends start to fray. Other factors are how well and often you condition your hair. This can extent the time slightly.
The big thing to remember when growing hair is to treat it well and have chemical services done properly and condition well on a regular basis. When you go for a trim, go to someone who will work with you toward growing your hair, by trimming only the very ends each time, so they are not removing all you've just grown. Remember also that if you go too long between trims the ends can slip back to the point that more will need to be removed to even it out.
Basically, you need to start with a good trim and even ends and proceed to grow from there.
Best of luck to you,
Stephe (hairman)


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