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Hairstyling/Perm rods & bi-racial teen hair ?


My nearly 16 y/o daughter right now has her hair cornrowed.

She is lax in the hygiene department and I have to stay on her about everything, showers, hair, etc.

Now she wants her hair short & natural.

She has thick fine hair sort of part bi-racial and part African from the crown back.......this is the areas of knots snarls etc.

I was once told that if I put in largest perm rods/rollers and then a perm solution - like a Caucasian type perm on straight hair...that it would make her curls a bit softer and more manageable.   Is this true?

Her hair is virgin currently.

Desperate to do the right thing!



Hi Malinda,

It is almost true. However, perming hair that is already curly requires a certain level of expertise. This is not something I would do at home. Naturally curly hair is cursed with dryness and a perm that is left on too long, not rinsed well, or neutralized for too long is going to be destroyed. The good news is, if you find a stylist who is well versed in perming curly hair, it will last for a good, long time. I would highly recommend going in for a free consultation. If the stylist doesn't ask lots of questions or give you any indication that s/he does a lot of texture services, move on.  

I would recommend going to and finding a Redken salon or and use their salon finder.  

You may also be interested in finding a Devacurl salon. They specialize in all types of naturally curly hair and can educate your daughter on how to best care for and get the most out of her natural hair. All 3 of these do great work on natural hair.

Good luck,


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