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QUESTION: Hello again!

I saw your video and the woman's hair is nothing like mine. My is curly at the roots, not outwardly curly. My hair is also thick unless washed(loosens it up). I have been trying for hours to really try and do this bun thing and nothing seems to be working. I currently have my hair tied up in a hair tie. I've tried wrapping it around and it never comes out to how I want it to look. Any other suggestions? Or other ways I can do it based on my picture below?

Below is how my hair is now.

ANSWER: Hi Jordan,

Help me out a little here. You say it isn't coming how you want it to. What is happening exactly? Buns are pretty straight forward. You start with a pony, then you either wrap or tuck. I had a client In Just this week that  was saying the same thing so I had her show me what she was doing. Turns out, it looked like everybody else's except she was twisting it the opposite way which made it look different to her. Yours may just need to be a bit longer or cut on a different angle to distribute the weight differently. There's really no end to what it COULD be, but without knowing what the problem is, I can only guess. I will tell you, that with a gun, for example, the method is the same no matter what the hair texture. The texture will affect how it looks in the end, but the steps are still the same.  Tell me what's happening that it's not right. I can't really see any details in the pic but it may be that your hair just needs to be a bit longer to get the look but again, I can only guess without knowing what it is or isn't doing. :c)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I saw a video on YouTube for someone with my textured hair. They basically took a hair tie and wrapped the hair around the hair tie. Then, they took the hair in the middle, twisted it, then tucked it into the crown of the bun to give the bun that top know look. I've also tried the method in which you part your hair in a high ponytail in the middle, the you pn both sides in the back. That hasn't worked either.

I can put my hair in a high puff though, but that's not what I want. I don't own any serums to help, I do however have Luster product used to keep up with natural hair.

I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.

You still haven't told me what it is or isn't doing. You say you've tried everything and it still isn't working but I still don't know how what you're doing is coming out different from what you're attempting to do.  Can you post a pic if your hair after you've done it and a pic of what you're trying to do? I can't help if I don't know how it's not working. Maybe a pic will help.  


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