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hi  this is rekha 29.earlier i used to have semi silky ,semi soft hair...with less hair fall. but when i was pregnant there was no hairfal may be because of gud food intake.but after ma baby birth i can see hair fall again...some times more hair fall...
but i never take any precautions or proper care for ma hair,now ma hair is wavy..wich i don't like....
i wanna go for hair rebonding or hair smoothing. or straighting
.can u u plzz suggest me which is better for ma hair,?
what care should i take?
...wich has got more side effects...
how long it will lasts?if i go for these styling..
if it gives more hair fall wat care has to b taken.....can u pllss gide  me

 First, my apology for the delayed response. Hair is usually much healthier during pregnancy because of the prenatal vitamins and special care you are taking during that time. Often after child birth a certain amount of hair loss is normal and this levels off to the normal amount that anyone would lose each day.
 Rebonding is a thermal straightening procedure that will permanently straighten and smooth the hair and will last until it grows out. Since the hair grows about 3/8 to 1/2 inch a month, in 6 months you will have about 3 inches of new growth to contend with, which is still easier than having to smooth the entire hair length each day. Typically for wavy hair it should last about 9 months or more before needing to retouch the new growth. Curly hair will need retouching about 6-8 months.
 Smoothing treatments are gentler, but now quite as effective or long lasting. Done properly by a professional, either should be fine and not damage your hair. You will have to maintain the hair properly however, with conditioning on a regular basis to avoid dryness, as it will be considered chemically treated.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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