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I decided a year ago to have my regular stylist gradually return my color to its natural ash tone, it's been everything from black to red to every shade of brown and lightening it to where it's at now was definitely a process. I use a violet toning shampoo/conditioner (blonde angel Kevin Murphy) about every 3 washes to cut the brassy tones so that it's all the same base color.  Right now most of it is in between a level 6 and 5 dark ash blonde/light ash brown and that's fine, but what can I ask for to add some dimension to it? At this point I consider myself lucky to still have as much of my hair on my head as I do - with 15 years of having colored my fine hair I don't want to push my luck and all over true blonde isn't my thing anyway. Any suggestions? Somewhat less-frequent-maintenance so I can go every 8 weeks instead of 4-6 would be nice.

Thank you for your time!

Hi Jenn,

I would say Balayage would do the trick. Lighter, darker, cooler, warmer will all give you a pop of dimension and the maintenance is low.  Don't confuse Balayage with ombré.  Balayage simply refers to the technique of hand painting. The beauty of it is, it can be as natural or bold as you want it to be and you won't get the hard outgrowth line or stripey finish of foils.

Adding a splash of vibrancy and tone with a demi color is always a nice option as well.

I always design the color to the cut so without actually being able to see your hair, that's about the best I can do but if you do a google search for Balayage you're bound to find some beautiful ideas that will be very gentle to your fine hair. There really are no limits to Haircolor.  


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