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I have recently been coloring my hair with Goldwell equal amounts of 6KG and 7N with 20 volume developer.  My hair has tons of gray especially around the hairline.  It fades super fast and the last time I was in the salon she put lots of highlights on my hair.  When I colored it I put the color all over and let it sit for about 45 minutes.  The color started out a little dark but I didn't want the roots a different color than the rest and now it is fading and the highlights are showing through as though I didn't even color them. I don't really mind the highlights I just don't want the roots a different color when I do roots only.  What to do?  Please help?


Goldwell Top Chic is what i am assuming u r using.
I would use the same formula but put
1/4oz of 6n with it.
This should be applied ONLY on the roots. 45 mins.
After shampooing, towel dry (no conditioner) and apply all over including roots
Golwell's Colorance 7kg mixed equally with 5 volume peroxide for 15 mins.
Then rinse well and condition only.
Please send me before and after pics


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