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For the past 5 years I've notice my hair thinning on the top of my head. I have black naturally soft hair for a guy(21). One time I had went to a barber in which my hairline was cut too far back and eversince I have notice it was never the same. Thinning hair does run in my family both women and men, on both sides of my family (mother and father). Now I have never used any styling products, just basic shampoo and conditionair. If I leave my hair a day without shampooing It is oily. Any reccomendations what I can do to try and lessen these effects or possible grow my hair a bit on the top to even it out.

Thanks in advance

 A few things here. Thinning is often genetic and hereditary, so there is a good chance that you did inherit this gene, as it is evident on both sides, as you said. your growth has nothing to do with that haircut you got. That would have no effect on hair that did not grow yet, only the hair that was cut. This is just the way your hair would have grown then. Styling products also have no bearing. You can use all you want and they will not change how your hair grows, on;y how it looks for that day.
As for the oiliness, your scalp has a complexion just like the rest of your skin. In your case it happens to be oily. You can use a shampoo for oily hair and do a final rinse with cool water to close the pores a bit and lessen oil production temporarily. You may also want to check your diet. Oiliness in skin (and scalp) is often the result of diet high in fats and oils, seafood, nuts, chocolate, and other foods that can cause acne or other oily skin problems. I'll wager that if you change your dietary choices somewhat (you don't have to totally abstain from everything you like) you will see a difference in skin and scalp oils within a week or so.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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