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I did the biggest blunder of my life. For the past two years I have had a dandruff issue which couldn't be treated by doctors. it is mild on the crown and around the forehead and has large flakes , clusters of flakes. Oily gunk on my scalp. Flakes even right after a wash. I also have grey hair that need to be root touched and I have been using Loreal Inoa which is ammonia free to dye my hair at the salon. I am only 32.But I had grey hair since forever. So in order to get the flakes out and get my scalp squeaky clean I don this before a wash that I put in coconut caster oil in my hair massage and then Put in ACV. And then rinse. And then shampoo. That fatefull day yesterday I did the same, my roots were white like an inch almost. And with that sensitive open scalp I went into to get a hair dye. Due to upmaoming rid I wanted a colour change and a hair cut. The salon ppl suggested using organic bleach to bleach my hair. As soon as they put bleach on my head started burning like hEll. I cried in pain and couldn't contain it so with in thirty minutes my hair were washed. After drying my hair . They used the ammonia dye by loreal which is magirel which has fashion colour options. They put the colour and I could not stand it either my scalp was burning like crazy. So they rinsed it off. I ended up with orange yellow hair and a very tender and sore and red scalp. That was burning like hell. After the rinse it became fine. But it was tender and hurt at some places. The next day I went in again to get my hair fixed. This time they put in Inoa the ammonia free dye and fixed my hair. It burnt again but it was controllable. Now after the rinse and the deep conditioning treatment. They didn't apply any heat and cold dried my hair and let me come home. My scalp now has corcular black patches on nub forehead hair line my crown and all over whe're ever normally scabs would form. The circular areas are all dyed black. So they appear like black spots on my scalp. My scalp also felt very tight and I have put in a mixture of argon oil and sesame oil which has helped me with the tightening in my scalp. As it was overly dry.I have a few questions. what can I do to help my scalp right now. I plan on not washing it for a week. Wha. Can I do to get rid of the black circular spots on my forehead hairline area. should I be worried about any other health risks that might be involved with A burnt scalp. Should I 'be taking some antibiotics? Or anti allergens ? I am fine other wise. What should I monitor my scalp for now ? what kinds of oils I can use to sooth the scalp. Can Apple cider vinegar help my scalp or is going to make the burns get worse ? Please help.


So sorry this happened. I've had a burned scalp as well I have psoriasis and we used lightened on my scalp and I got burns everywhere I had psoriasis spots, which was pretty much my whole head.  

Unless you are prone to infection, there's not much you need to do besides shampoo gently.  I shampoo'd daily so that the flaking and scabbing would soften and wash away.  I did not add any oils or take anything.  If the burns are not healing, or are still oozing, you need to go to the doctor.  The only thing I would probably recommend is coconut or aloe to smooth the skin but it's best to allow it to heal on its own.  If it isn't getting noticeably better each day, don't try to treat it yourself.  Go to the doctor.  


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