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QUESTION: Hi Hairman,

I asked my stylist to cut and style my hair this way (see attached picture), and she said "You don't need it cut any special way. Just keep growing it and don't use any product, and it'll look like that."

This answer wasn't satisfying. Clearly, you can see in the picture that the hair is specifically cut and styled with product.

So how can I get it this way? I tried using pomade, but it was too slippery. I tried stiff wax, but then it looks glued down to my skull. I want it to be kind of loose, so it has some movement. I don't want it to be a big, sticky mess that sits on my head like a helmet. I want it to be loose enough to move around, so it sort of blows around in the wind (just a little bit).

Should all the hair be one length, or layered? Should I trim the sides and let the top grow (the top is about 7 inches now), or is the hair all one length?

I'm going to a new stylist over the weekend, and I need to know what to tell her: how to cut it, and what kind of styling product to use.

If I wanted to get it cut the other way (see second picture), how could I do that? What is this style called, how does it need to be cut, and what styling product should I use? Is this style really stiff and requires lots of "maximum hold" gel or wax? Again, I'd like it to be loose enough to blow around in the wind a little bit.

I'm still trying to decide which style looks better. Please help.


ANSWER: Steve,
 Believe it or not, both cuts are actually the same (shape) but the first is just a longer version. If your hair is 7 inches on top, it's already too long for either of these styles. If you look closely, you'll see that the second picture is about 3 to 31/2 inches at the front and the first is probably 4 to 4 1/2.
 I think it wise for you to go to a new stylist. What I usually suggest to someone like yourself is to watch for someone who has something similar to what you want and ask them who they go to. They'll be flattered that you noticed.
 As for the last stylist, shame on her for not knowing her job better. For any decent stylist you should not have to tell them ANYTHING if you are bringing a picture, unless how you want it differently that the picture in hand. They should know what id necessary to produce what you want. Show them these pictures and explain that you don't want it really stiff. Again however, taking a close look at them you will see that there is product (necessary to hold it up like that) so it will not move in the wind a lot. That doesn't mean however, that it has to look like a board.
 As for the style, it is definitely layered with the very front being the longest part. When you style it you'll want to use a medium hold mousse or gel. Apply mostly at the scalp as that is where the direction and lift originate. Begin with your head hanging forward almost upside down, working with your fingers at the scalp as you dry the hair at the scalp, working the top up away from the scalp and forward to create the directions in the picture. If the scalp remains damp it will flop. Once the scalp is dry bring your head upright and finish working in the directions with your fingers or a brush. Then finish with a matte wax or styling paste. This will have no shine, but give the needed hold and texture.
Just play it around, breaking it up with your fingers for the desired effect. BTW, you can approximate either of those styles with the same cut by styling the front up or down more.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again Stephe, quick followup. When you say "styling paste", is that forming cream? I have this Crew Forming Cream, but it's really greasy and heavy. I've tried Crew pomade, but it makes my hair really shiny and slick looking. The last of the trio is Crew Fiber Paste, but when it dries it gives me white flakes...and that looks like dandruff. Not good.

Are you aware of anything that gives a "next day" or "slept in" type of bed-head look? Something that isn't really heavy and sticky, and something that won't give me slick Elvis hair? Maybe a spray or something?

I've also tried sea salt spray, but it makes my hair dry out and look really it isn't very comfortable for every day of the week, as it makes my scalp itch.

Are you knowledgeable about "clay waxes" or "clay pomades"? I think they also come in spray form. I can't seem to find one at the local stores. How about Fuko products? Everyone raves about "Quicksand", but again, I haven't had a chance to try it myself...are you familiar with any of these?


 Unfortunately, many of the product lines you mention I am not familiar with. If you can find it, Purity Design Matte Styling Wax is a strong hold wax that will do what you want without any shine or greasy look and can be reactivated with damp fingers. It is made by Italy Hair Fashion. You can try an online search to locate some or got to
With the sea salt spray, this is meant for curly or wavy hair, to pull the curl in more, and it's really meant more for the mid-strand and ends rather than on the scalp.
Mostly, look for a wax or putty that is matte, as a shine can make it look greasy.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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