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Hi again Hairman, I spoke with you a short while ago.

So, I attempted to get my hair cut like in the first pic, and I'm not feeling confident they did it correctly.

I don't know WHAT else I can do. I go from place to place, and it seems like nobody listens or does what I ask. This time I spent 15 minutes going over things with the stylist, she was like "Yeah no problem, I got it" over and over, and the second pic is how it ended up.

So, this is like the 4th time I've grown it out, only to have the stylist screw it up. Am I maybe expecting too much from these people? Is this style way outdated, and maybe that's why they don't know how to do it right?

Can you please look at these pics and tell me what went wrong, and what else I can tell the stylist so he/she does it the way I want? The pic looks like the guy has thick hair, like me...they keep "thinning" it, giving it "texture", is that maybe where they're going wrong? I like my hair to be thick, have movement, and to be sort of "bed head", with a matte finish, almost dry looking...not shiny and finished and clean-cut. I think the pic is a good example of what I want.

Or am I imagining things, and they cut my hair like the first pic, and I'm just being overly sensitive? Please let me know, because all of this is becoming VERY frustrating, especially since these haircuts are averaging 30-45 bucks each, and this is getting to be extremely disappointing.


 Actually, your cut is indeed very close to the first pic in style and shape. The only difference is that his hair is slightly longer than yours in some places. They are right to add texture, as you need it for the broken up look. All your hair needs now is to be "messed up" a bit to get rid of the placed look. All in all, I have to say they did pretty much nail the cut. Just break it up a bit with your fingers and you'll have it.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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