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QUESTION: Hello! I'm not really sure if this is your expertise but here goes.
I'm a kid, and my parents have always made me braid my hair. But the thing is, I'm extremely sensitive with my head, and I always cry from pain. Not ashamed about that, but I'm always, always, ALWAYS, in excruciating pain afterwards. I take Motrin but I can never sleep comfortably and deeply afterwards. And my neck gets stiff, and I can turn my head much or bend down, and I'm very uncomfortable with people being behind me. But long story short, how do I make my braids hurt less? I always ask the lady not to do it tightly but I never feel any different. What do I do? I'm getting it done Sunday.

ANSWER: Brianna,
 Actually, this is very simple. They are making your braids far too tight. This is not good on a few levels. First, as you say, it is causing pain. That should not happen. More importantly for the long term however, is that overly tight braiding over time actually pulls hair out and can damage the follicles so that they stop producing hair properly, especially in more delicate areas like the hairline at the temples. They are probably braiding so tightly so that it will last longer or better, but it's worth not having it last quite as long and being more comfortable and not risking the health of your scalp.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (Hairman)

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QUESTION: But in any case, regardless of whether I do or do not ask, they will just look at me like I'm whining. We've been going to this place for years, and my mother despite complaints and tears and pleas refuses to reconsider. In this case, I've had my hair out for about a month or so, so she'll just throw that at me. At this point, I'm basically resigned to it. Are there any end of the line things I can do?

Unfortunately, not. I can only make suggestions or observations based on the information I am given. Beyond that, if the questioner is not able to act on them, there is little to be done.  It's unfortunate that they won't listen to reason.
Best of luck to you.'
Stephe (Hairman)


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