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QUESTION: Would you say 9 out of 10 stylists can easily determine the range of styles one person can achieve with their head and hair?

If so and you had to group people how many men can pull off more than 2 looks? Is the range between men great?

And lastly if a person can determine the directions their hair folicals grow in is it always best for range of options if they grow in opposite directions from the center of the head?

ANSWER: James,
 All stylists learn basic art principles in school, and what style silhouettes or style shapes are best for each face shape. What percentage pay attention or practice these principles I couldn't say, but probably not 9 out of 10.
  Everyone can pull off numerous looks. It's just a matter of changing some lengths or even the styling direction. They just need some imagination. The directions the hair grows in may limit which specific looks you can do, but not how many.
All the best to you.
Stephe (Hairman)

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QUESTION: I'm just wondering if it might be useful to put together a group of stylists and have a group analyze a person's range? I am like 30% bald and want to know if my hair needs to be shave or cut very short to look my best to women. I often worry stylists aren't liberal enough with me and just assume I want to look like another balding guy in their mid-30s. Would a "counsel" of stylists be useful?

I don't think a council is necessary, just one who will work with you to find your best look for your face shape and hair that you have to work with. This is a simple matter of art principles that stylists learn in school, but not all follow. You just need to find the right stylist for you.
Best of luck to you,
Stephe (Hairman)


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