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QUESTION: Hello. It's balding James again. I need help determining a schedule for cutting my hair. I currently get my hair cut every other week (by choice) because I'm balding a lot on top. They say they use the trimmers at 3 3/4 on sides and back and clippers on top. What are the typical lengths for trimmers and what would the usual length on top be if the sides are at say 3 3/4 length? I don't want to think about my hair so much and want to know at what length on side and back would the top be the same length so I wouldn't need to have someone else cut my hair as often as weekly at some point as I could than do it myself. But until than what are the sizes? I want to get it short enough that I can actually perceive of the size of my bald spot rather than being paranoid with what somewhat looks like a weird comeover.

ANSWER: James,
 No one needs a hair cut every week, sorry to say. That's to soon to have enough growth to really need cutting. The conversion for clipper guards is easy, actually. Each increment relates to 1/8 inch. So a number 1 would be 1/8 inch, 2 would be 1/4, 3 would be 3/8 inch and so on.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)

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QUESTION: So which clipper achieves 3 3/4? Is that the same as 1/2 inch plus 3/32 inch? How does it translate to the hair on top's length relative to it?

ANSWER: There is no guard that relates to a "3-3/4" size, that I know of. There is a #3 or a 3/4 inch, but I've never seen a 3-3/4 guard. I could be mistaken.
You just have to determine what length you want the sides and knowing how the guard sizes relate to length, as discussed before, that will help you decide which guard to use. If unsure, use the longer of the two you are unsure of. You can always go back with the shorter if it's still too long. As far as the top goes, again, you just have to decide how long or short you want that and choose your guard accordingly. There is no specific formula. For instance, if you keep your sides 1/2 inch long (#4), you may want the same length on top. Many prefer a longer top, such as 3/4 or 1 inch. That depends on the style you want to wear. So relativity between sides and top is strictly a matter of perference.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)

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QUESTION: They just tell me 3 3/4 on sides and 3 1/2 in back. Don't know what it translates to. Now they do 3 1/2 on sides and 2 in back and finger length on top.

I was wondering if hair places are particularly loyal to certain shampoo and product brands? I have only ever been recommended products on the shelf at the places my hair has been cut. I thought Nioxin was pretty much the best for hair loss but this one place claimed the stuff they have on shelf was better. Do they likely exaggerate to sell a product that might not be better? Just happens to be what they're carriers of?

Many of the products are similar and salons carry lines that they believe in, so they promote them for that reason. There are many lines that work well so it's just a matter of which line that salon prefers. They are not going to promote a product they don't believe in.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)


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