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One day taking a shower i noticed a horrible sulfer smell. Ever since then whenever my hair gets wet (from shower or sweat) it has a horrible sulfer smell that resembles the smell of just having gotten a perm. I haven't permed or colored my hair in years. When it is dry the smell is not noticeable and it isn't as strong as the first time when it is wet. My hair is very long (waist) and has always been very healthy. it is thick but fine. it is has always had some wavy curl in it. Since that first shower however it is as straight as can be with some frizzyness. The last four inches are also now very dry and brittle and have the worst smell when it is wet. Any idea what i can do to get rid of the smell? I haven't used a flat iron in years (use a curling iron generally) until the same week that the sulfer smell started, although when i get it cut the hair dresser often uses a flat iron on it. I am 45 and my hormones are changing. but would this cause an immediate smell one day? My hair has always been very healthy until now.

 I'm really stumped as to what would just spontaneously cause your hair to have a sulfur smell if nothing was used on it. Curling or flat irons would not cause this. I don't think that hormonal changes would cause this either. Something that you might try first is a clarifying or chelating shampoo to fully cleanse the hair. That would probably take care of it. If not, I would recommend dissolving some baking soda in warm water and after shampooing, pour over hair and leave for a few minutes before rinsing and conditioning.
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