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My hair  
QUESTION: Hello. What color will I get if I put on purple shampoo on my hair? (I will include a photo of my hair) Could you please send me a photo of how my hair would probably would lool like? Will it make it look brighter or it will make it look more ashy, because that is what I want. I really don't want it to look even brighter. Thank you.

ANSWER: Camilla,
 Unfortunately, I can't send a picture of what it would look like, but purple shampoo would make your hair look a bit cooler, depending on how often you use it and how long you leave it on. It's really meant to counteract excess gold or yellow in blond hair. On your hair it would help somewhat. I'd suggest doing two latherings, leaving each one on at least 5-10 minutes for optimum results. If you want more cool results use each time you shampoo, normally, for several times. After several uses you will probably see the most result that you would get. As I said, it should help somewhat.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (hairman)

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QUESTION: So what kind of colour will I get? Ash blonde? Dark ash blonde? Light ash brown? Also what is better: to use L'oreal Proffesional Silver shampoo or mix purple hair dye and conditioner? Also is violet the same as purple? Will it give the same results at toning brassy hair? Thanks

 Apologies for the delayed response.  All violet shampoos do is remove some excess gold or brassiness from the hair. Since they are not a specific color I can't tell or show you exactly what you'll get. The darker and and more brassy or orange the hair is, the less the result, as they aremeant for lighter hair.
Violet and purple are different. Purple is deeper. If you google pictures ofviolet and purple you'll see what I mean. I would not use purple dye, even with conditioner. It will make it more purple than you want instead of just counteracting brassiness.  I would try the silver shampoo a few times.
Best of luck to you.
Stephe (Hairman)


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