Hall & Oates/Daryl got married


Barbra wrote at 2011-03-16 21:22:40
Amanda can be seen frequently on Daryl's show, Live from Daryl's House including in the current episode with Todd Rundgren.  You can see her behind him as they are cooking the pig for the luau.

sashagirl wrote at 2012-01-27 20:06:02
Yeah, its nice to see daryl hall happy with wife and children.  Its time everyone needs someone!  

Longtime Fan of Daryl & his eyes wrote at 2012-12-11 05:45:45
I simply can't understand how men can break up with their soul mates(and whoever did what and/or made the decision,I know that they know they're soul mates,just as Stevie Nicks said in a recent interview that she knows she and L. Buckingham are, even tho they're not together in this life. But she continued to say that they've been together during many previous lifetimes, and is certain they will be again, and meanwhile they've evolved into a brother/sister relationship to continue playing together in FMac). But men seem to find it so easy to jump to another woman, and even take the new relationship further, like marriage. I have to wonder if both these women feel pain (Sara whenever she hears her songs sung; the wife when she hears the songs, the interviews when he talks abt Sara, & just knowing that even married to her, Sara will always be The One). Also, another source says he & Sara are still good friends, live nearby, & she helped nurse him thru Lyme's disease. But then I've also heard that his house is on the market,so how wil he continue Live From...?

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