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Sorry, sent my last comment before seeing the picture,& stupidly sent it to the wrong place. (I have a bad migraine & it's late) The man certainly has a type. If he hadn't been with Sara during the 80s & 90s, I would have taken a shot at him myself, since I'm brunette, and WAS quite beautiful, or so I've been told. And tho I'm not a groupie (and definitely would NEVER knowingly cheat w. another woman's man), he was towards the head of my list I could "legally" be with if I got the chance, despite the 14 year age difference. But that's nothing compared to the man ahead of him: Sean Connery!
Seriously, what is it with men? Look at Paul McCartney: his soul mate Linda dies, and before his kids have even recovered he marries what the rest of the world knew was a huge mistake! Who her age has Never heard a Beatles song?  The new wife is so much better, esp. since she knew Linda, but that in itself means she knows for sure he'll never love her the way he did Linda.  Meanwhile, Yoko probably has had relationships since John's murder, but no one ever hears abt. any of them, and I bet she'll never remarry, nor even let any of them move in. I know it's an age-old question, usually asked by men abt. us, probably because most of them are so transparent it takes a true bimbo not to see thru most of their B-S, but in this context, why is true love so disposable to most of them? (I exempt MY soul mate, who definitely has his problems that may keep us apart during this life - I DO believe in reincarnation & karma - but I know we'll have many other shots. But HE hasn't given up or cheated on me, even tho we live 1000 miles apart, and I would know if he had. If he'd only stop lying to avoid conflict - which is usually the catalyst for it - and stop the denials, excuses & justifications and simply be honest, we could have a chance before it's too late. Again, men!!! Aaarrgghh!!!

Hi Leigh,

I'm not sure I can qualify to answer the question: Why is true love disposable to men?
I think most men seek and deeply want companionship. Sexual needs play a huge part.  Compatibility plays a huge part.  With entertainers (celebrities), it seems as though everything has to go according to their wants and priorities.
I don't know if true love is disposable; perhaps it is just interchangeable.  Love carries on; it just may continue with someone new. As far as the true part, maybe true can be temporary or transient or transferred.
Everyone is seeking love and trying to make life as easy and pleasurable as possible.  It doesn't always go smoothly, but one must keep trying.
I hope your migraine is gone.
I enjoyed your comments.

Merry Christmas.

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