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Thanks for the info on Trial by Fire. Can't  wait to see it on public TV. It helped me find my local Firefighter's burn survivor fund.  The bio stated Sara Allen was involved in other film projects. Do you know if she was involved in any of the Hall and Oates Videos, concert films, etc...? I remember she and Kathy Phillips worked on album art.

Hi Tam,

My comments here are just conjecture.  Because of her active involvement with Hall and Oates lyrics in several of their songs and of her relationship with Daryl during the early years of MTV, she would have had the opportunity to be on set when H&O videos were being produced.  Could she offer her input? It's possible. Would the production be insightful to her later involvement with video production? Odds are yes, learning the process would have been beneficial and easily within her reach. How often she offered input, ideas, criticism, comment is something only those close to the creative team would know. The possibility exists, however.
I do know that after a time, Sara did not accompany Daryl on concert tours, commenting that they had become boring.
There is no doubt that Sara Allen played a substantial role as a lyricist. Whatever other creative roles she played at that time are not as well documented.
I hope this helps you a little.

Happy Spring!

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