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I have been a huge H&O fan since I discovered them with VOICES.  I'm a fan of the old stuff, the new stuff, and everything in-between.  I do miss G.E. on guitar though.  Paul is fantastic and I'm taking nothing away from him, but I do miss G.E., and I have often wondered if there was some kind of falling out between he and H&O.  I know he started the SNL gig soon after leaving and has appeared on stage with the guys since.  Just curious.


Hi Neil,

G. E. Smith totally rocked with Hall and Oates from the late 70s through about 1985.  Hall and Oates had hit after hit, and G.E. certainly rode the top of the waves with them.  What a talent! I think that after having so much success and touring with long road trips which seemed to be year round, Daryl and John needed to take a break.  Musicians need to make a living, and they need to work.  It seemed to be a bit of synchronicity when G. E. got the SNL gig.  What a cool thing to do, and there was Gilda there, too!
I have never heard of a falling out between them. I think it was just a matter of timing and moving on with life. I guess we're all lucky that we still get glimpses of G. E. with Daryl and John from time to time.
Thanks for asking.


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I've been a fan from the beginning and have grown up with Daryl and John musically.

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