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I have just discovered this site and your wealth of knowledge and have been scrolling through all the Q&A. For many reasons, it's my dream to meet H&O, snap a photo and get an autograph. I have attended one concert here in Australia in 2012.

My question relates to the reinstating of meet and greets for fans. Do you know anything? I have tried various avenues to obtain this information unsuccessfully. I am a member of AAC and various groups.

I am hoping beyond hope that it is a possibility, even if it means travelling to the States.
Awaiting your reply with appreciation.
Regards, Sharon

ANSWER: Hi Sharon,

A few years ago, a meet and greet was a possibility due to the Hall and Oates Fan Club.  I actually accessed two.  Since the fan club no longer exists as it once was, the chances are far slimmer. I certainly wouldn't give up hope, however.

If you come to a concert in the states, you could certainly wait backstage, so to speak, or near where the band's bus might be.  Everyone has to exit sometime, so that might give you a chance.  If you go to John's solo concerts, you may have an easier time meeting him, particularly if his event is at a small venue.

One young lady recently met them because she had painted wonderful portraits of them.

At some venues in large cities, I have run into band members at breakfast in local restaurants.  Meeting them and asking how to get a photo with Daryl and John might prove to have a successful outcome.

I guess what I am saying, Sharon, is just persevere.  Ask AAC; write to their management.  Join Hall and Oates Facebook groups and ask there.  I'm sure you'll get lots of good advice.

I wish I could offer you more, Sharon.  I do wish you success and am sending you my best wishes and hopes.

Don't give up!  Your dream can happen!

All the best,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi again Diana, I'm sorry I wasn't more complete in my initial question to you because you see I have tried all the avenues you have mentioned, including writing emails to H&O management, the AAC and have joined various Facebook groups.

I have posed the issue of meet and greets across all these avenues with no success. I haven't recevied replies from the management or AAC and I have no idea how many emails I have to send as a fan to get any sort of response.

I realise we live in a different era Diana and access to guys like H&O' isn't what it once was. My quest is genuine for many reasons and I'm waiting for just one person to say, hey, I can help you with this.

Regards, Sharon

Hi Sharon,

I wish I were the one who could connect you and make your dream come true.  I do not have the power, unfortunately.

I do believe perseverance is the key.  Perhaps you could go to Daryl's new club in Pawling, NY, when he plays there.  The concert this week, which was streamed live on Yahoo, was amazing.

In the meantime, you have the next best thing: access to the music!  That where the brilliance and the genius are!

I wish you the best, and if by some small chance, I do have an inkling as to how to help you get to meet them, I promise I will contact you.

Best wishes,

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