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I am a huge fan of Live at Daryl's house as I live and work now in ASIA since 2007. (Macau, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and my permanent home now Philippines).....

Getting all the webcasts at least for "Live at Daryl's House". China an some of the other "Socialist Countries" I have lived in will block the show.

Anyway, I appreciate your time for my questions as a former musician myself in Chicago....
1. Brian Dunne - whom else did he play with as I think he is very, very good....
2. Paul Pesco - Why did he leave? He was very, very good and in sync with all that came.  New Guitarist - not sure his name is not personable, Daryl does not even make mention of him and he is supposed to be the "T-Bone" replacement.... Who is the new guitarist (since Gavin DeGraw show) as he is tooo quiet and not really what I would call "part of the band"....

Thanks much coming all the way from Hong Kong/ from Chicago.

Hi Timothy,

Brian Dunne has played with the Average White Band, Shanachie, Chuck Loeb, Sara Devine, Corey Glover, and Alana Davis, just to mention a few.  He is a great drummer, I agree.

Paul Pesco left in October 2013.  I don't know why but can only speculate.  He is performing on his own quite frequently and is marketing some of his own products.  Perhaps he had to travel to South America too frequently.  Although there have been rumors that he was fired, Paul has not stated so in anything I have read.  He is an immensely talented entertainer, and I wish him well.  I do miss him with the band, though.

The new guitarist, Shane Theriot, has some big shoes to fill. I suppose it may take him some time to acclimate and bring his unique talents to the forefront.

I hope this helps you a bit, Timothy.

Best wishes,

Hall & Oates

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