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Hall & Oates/have i met daryl hall's daughter?


Yeah wrote at 2016-06-16 07:23:16

"David Bray" has been posting all over the internet that "he" has met Daryl Hall's daughter and subtly dropping the name "Rakelija." But the irony is "David Bray" is actually this woman:

Yeah if you look it up, that name is so rare you will surely find the exact account on Facebook where she has posted all pics of herself and then making fake accounts of people (or at least one person) commenting on her photos how much she looks like her "dad." Obviously the guy doing the commenting is fake, it's a fake account because it's so generic and he only has six friends.  Ya BUSTED lady. Haha. BTW ya don't look like DH, ya. Not even close.

Sooooo....yeah. Daryl Hall has only one kid, a son named Darren.

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