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I would like two brief questions.  
I saw pictures of Tanner's first days at Virginia Tech.  Did John release information on what his son's major? I feel like
Us fans watched Tanner grow up

I read somewhere that Daryl and Amanda are separated.  I know he usually doesn't release detailed information about his personal life. Is there any validity to the statement?  If so it would be very unfortunate.  I hope it's false.
Thanks tam

Hi Tamara,

Yes, we all did watch Tanner grow up.  Aside from John stating that Tanner was homeschooled, and Tanner posting that he graduated from Colorado Rocky Mountain School in 2014 on his Facebook page, I have no further information about his Virginia Tech major. I'm sure if you follow him on Twitter or check his Facebook page occasionally, that info might surface.

Let's just say that information regarding a Daryl and Amanda separation is false.  I have seen nothing to the contrary.  Because of touring schedules, Daryl and Amanda might occasionally be separate from each other.  No married couple is together all of the time. And, as you said, Tam, it would be very unfortunate; I get the impression Daryl enjoys being a family man.

Hope you have a great summer!


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