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I was examining the cover of the album War Babies with a friend and was wondering.... Whose photos are those on the cover? Do they belong to Daryl and John? Are they relatives? Or are they of strangers? Just wondering because they don't look familiar and we've seen pictures of Daryl and John in their youth before, and the picture of the girl doesn't look like Daryl's sister but I thought it could be a possibility.

Hi Jadon,

War Babies, released in 1974, was produced by Todd Rundgren. I'm sure you can hear his influences on this album, from the wild, screaming guitars to the synths.
This album focused on experiences of those in the baby boom generation, Its cover reflects some of those influences, what most of us encountered then. It's almost a generic advertisement with photos of a Ritz cracker, a half-eaten BLT, CD for Civil Defense. The photos don't seem personal to me: scouting was prevalent as was a great ride on the merry-go-round. No one looks familiar yet they seem relevant. We shared those experiences.
For this album, credit goes to Bob Defrin for Art Direction, Peter Palombi for Artwork, and Armen Kachaturian and David Gahr for photography.

I haven't listened to this album for some time. Your question makes me want to relisten. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Hope you're having a great summer!

All the best,

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