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Hi Chris,
I would love to purchase a police scanner so I can listen to what the hell is going on around me.  Something that will pick up any weird events and what not.  I've heard of "trunking"  but is this necessary?  I'd like something that could run on batteries in case of emergency.  
Thanks in advance

Hi Amanda,

Big question with lots of possible answers.  Let me give you the basics.

If you live in the middle of a big city, like Cincinnati, that's where you will find most of the trunked radio systems.  Trunking is a way of using a few frequencies to handle a lot of traffic, but at a cost.  If you live in a less populated area, chances are that are many fewer trunked systems.

Even if there are a lot of trunked systems in your area, there's still going to be a lot of stuff to listen to that is single frequency.  In a not-so-congested radio area, non-trunked is a lot cheaper and simpler.

I think you ought to start with an inexpensive handheld scanner.  Bearcat has been making scanners for a long time and has a huge variety to choose from.  Can't go wrong with them.

There are online lists of frequencies used in all parts of the country.  Find a list for your area to give you a place to start listening to stuff you may be interested in.

Happy listening,

Chris Bushman
Colfax, California

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