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Hi, I was told that bending the antenna would create better reception. Why is that?


Sounds like an urban legend, Jackie.

Some antennas are designed to be bent in very specific ways for very specific reasons.  Bending an antenna does change the way it behaves, but it usually degrades the performance.  There are many designs of antennas and about 90% work best when straight.  Of those that are bent, the bends are usually very symmetrical with very straight sections connecting the bends, they are not randomly bent.

There is one type of antenna called a longwire antenna which is just a wire, of no specific length that is attached to the antenna connection.  If you are listening to a slightly weak signal, you can take the wire and move it around the room and you will find that it works better in some places than others.  I'll bet this legend started after someone did that and ended up with the best reception with the wire bent all over the place.

Chris Bushman
Colfax, California  

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