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I just downloaded an application which measures PC temps. My temperature is 38C. Isn't this to hot? The application is Speccy. I also downloaded another one called Cpuid WH Monitor. It reads the same temp. my computer is brand new, what could be causing this. Also my Motherboard is 41C and my CPU is 56C

Hi Alexander!

It is a bit warm, BUT it depends on what you are doing with it.  For example, if you are watching videos, playing games, editing videos/music, or running virtual machines, that would be a normal temperature for that type of load.  If you are reading email and CNN, then it is probably too high.

Make sure the system can "breathe".  Is this a desktop or a laptop?  

If it is a laptop, make a note of the hottest areas on the bottom and make sure they are not covered.  Try running it on an elevated and hard/flat surface to see if that makes a difference.  If so, then know that some laptops are better at cooling than others, and you will just have to make sure not to cover critical areas, and it may affect what you can do with the computer. If not, then it may be normal for your computer design, and as long as it doesn't shut down, then it should be fine.

If it is a desktop, make sure that there is nothing in front of or in back of the box (or sides, if there are ventilation areas on the sides) - the box is designed to suck air in from the front (or sides), move through the box, and out the back, so make sure that path is not blocked.  Some systems can have additional fans added, if needed, but if you aren't doing any thing too intensive on it, it should be fine where it is.

One thing you might do is leave it off for a while, then start it up and take a reading, and take additional readings every few minutes after that to see how fast it moves.

You didn't say which model this is, but you might consider contacting the manufacturer just to make sure that is within the operating norms for your model.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

Good luck!

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