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Hard Drive Problems/Confused ab. SSD vs. HDD 'Setup'


Hi -

I have a 2.5" internal Kingston 3K (ver 3.0) HyperX SSD, that I've had sitting in a box for ab. a year.

First, if I were to install it in a laptop, is it ready just to plug into any laptop containing a SATA drive? (Just like a 'normal' 2.5" SATA HDD has always been)?

Second, I might like to use it as an ext. drive (to put my swap file on??)
Same question reg. external enclosures that would work with it...Is it the same exact kind of enclosure that I would buy, that I would use for the old 2.5" SATA HDD? All hookups the same?

Is there a Master/Slave setting? I assume if there is, I would always have it (the ext SATA ssd in the enclosure), set to "Slave". Is this correct?

Anything else that I should know?

Thank you very much for your time & help!


*[I WILL nom. you for exp. of mth.]

Hi Mike!

First, once you get it installed and running, you'll feel silly for leaving it in a box for so long :)

Yes, it is built - externally - just like a regular SATA drive, so it should slide right in place of an HDD.

"I might like to use it as an ext. drive (to put my swap file on"

I'm not sure if you can even use external/removable media for a page file, but if Windows would let you, it would be a horrible idea.  External drives are much more prone to communication issues, and with a page file, that means your system will crash.  Yes, as above, any device that will take a 2.5" HDD will take a 2.5" SSD ... just have to watch out for the software ... not all software knows how to take advantage of an SSD (Windows 7 and later do).

Even if you install the SSD as a secondary drive, I would NOT recommend using an SSD ONLY for the page file ... that's a perfectly good waste of an SSD.  You DO want your page file on your SSD, but the biggest advantage to using an SSD is running the OS and your programs, and accessing your files from it.  If you have adequate RAM installed, then the effect of an SSD for the page file will be virtually unnoticeable.  

SATA does NOT use master/slave settings.

Short answer:  For best performance, re-install your OS and programs and as many of your biggest and most-often used documents on your SSD.  Be sure to leave room for your page file (up to 1.5 times your RAM) and your hibernation file (if you use hibernation).

Feel free to follow up with any additional questions you have or clarifications you need :)

Good luck!

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