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hey there, in many of the books it says that the Bloody Baron is the only one who can control Peeves because Peeves is afraid of him. But it never explains why Peeves is afraid of him. Any ideas?

Hey Vicky,

There's probably loads of reasons one could come up with for Peeves being afraid of the Bloody Baron. I say just use your imagination. Or, if you ever meet J.K. Rowling, ask her. Just kidding on that last one. I think that Peeves is afraid of the Bloody Baron possibly because he is just so intimidating, maybe. Peeves isn't a ghost, so the Bloody Baron couldn't have killed him, which is what first came to my mind. Maybe Peeves accidentally killed the Bloody Baron and now feels really bad or afraid that he'll get revenge (I haven't read the books in ages, I can't remember if they say how the Baron died or not). Check on some Harry Potter fansites, like or I think your best bet might be to try and be really creative and make one up yourself. I hope I helped a little! Thanks for asking, and feel free to ask a follow-up!


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