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Aloha :)
My name is Krista and im 15 years old. My grand mother passed away about a year ago and she was from Hawaii. So I really started to wonder about our culture. Ive never been to Hawaii and i really want to go, after all it is part of my heritage. I have ALOT of questions. Like:
What are some traditions/Holidays that are usually only celebrated in Hawaii?
Are there any traditions for young girls like parties or anything?
... and things like that. I would really love it if you could help out. Thanks (:

Aloha Krista,

Sure ask me anything you want.
I am sorry about your grandmother first of all and I think it's great that you want to learn about your culture. May I ask where you live now? Cause if you are on the mainland teens here and there do the same things pretty much. I myself teach middle and high school and hang with kids your age every day and they all do the same things: Instagram, facebook, the mall etc.
They are full of life and eager to learn and grow up :-)
They also party and go to concerts. And of course we have the beach and that is a big part of everyday life all year round.

As for Christmas, it's pretty much like anywhere else in the US with carols and light shows etc
Of course we have no snow so some malls bring in ice for a few hours and put i out on the parking lot for kids to play and pretend it's snow until it melts a few hours later.

We also have some Hawaiian Christmas music and Santa arrives on a canoe in Waikiki rather than with a sleigh.

Since we have so many people living here from Japan China etc we incorporate those cultures too so we celebrate Chinese New Year in January and put out Kadomatsu (you can check on the internet what that is) out for New Years Eve.

Let me know if you have any more questions ok?



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Aloha, I can answer I would say about 99 % of all questions relating to Hawai`i.


I work for tour agencies as a tour guide so have a wonderful island experience especially from the view of travelers and newcomers to the islands. I am also a high school language teacher.

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