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Hawaii/Autism and Hawaii Public Schools


I have been doing research about moving our family to Maui next winter. My main concern is whether or not I'm going to have a fight on my hands with the public school system. My youngest son has ABA therapy in his the public schools provide it and if not, do they pay for the child to access it from a private therapist?? I also have an older son with autism who will be finishing school this May and I've had to fight for many years for him to get even the basics in his IEP much less any of the specialty therapies. I guess my main question is am I going to have to fight or do the schools follow the law? I don't want to move to paradise to be more stressed out than I am already. Any info on services for young adults with autism would also be greatly appreciated.

Aloha Lee,
I am sorry but I cannot answers the questions you have regarding your boys but I can direct you to a few sites you may want to check out for answers:

Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children
Shriners Children Hospital
DOE (department of Education Hawaii)
Straub Hospital

All these places are in close contact with schools and the different programs offered and I am sure they will be more knowledgable to help you.

As a general rule however, I can assure you that Hawai'i is a good place for children with physical or mental impairments because the weather is nice and children can stay outdoors and also we are so diversified as a nation, we have a lot of empathy towards anyone, regardless of religion, color, medical condition, etc.

Hope all goes well and you will be able to mov to paradise :-)



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