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Would like to have blessing for my daughter's ashes to be returned to mother earth on Kona, HI. How can I locate an Hawaiian Priest?

Aloha Elon,
I apologize for the late reply but I was off my computer.
I am so sorry for your loss. No parent should have to bury their child.
I live on O'ahu, not the Big Island, so I am not familiar with specific priests on that islands plus you
didn't mention your religion. But you can contact
Central Union Church on O'ahu (they have a website) and it's one of the biggest churches on our island.
They might be able to help you find a priest in Kona.
Furthermore, contact the Hawaiian visitors bureau as they are always able to help you with many different requests.
If none of this works, contact me again and tell me which religion you prefer and I will try to help you more.
Sending aloha from Hawai'i


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