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Hawaii/family barbecues in 'Iao Valley


When my husband and I were in Maui last fall, we drove up the 'Iao Valley and noticed many families having picnics in the woods before the entrance to the park. Are these barbecues a Hawaiian tradition for Sundays? What is the Hawaiian word for barbecue?

Aloha Renee,

Sorry for the late reply but here I am.
Hawaiians ove to get together on the beach or in parks and do this for any occasion, be it a Sunday, a birthday, a graduation etc.
Now often these get togethers are indeed on a weekend cause that's when people are off but it can be on any given way.
There is no Hawaiian word for BBQ, the only word in the Hawaiian language that translates to a get together with food is a "luau" which can include hula dance, a fire etc.
Since the weather is always nice here, Hawaiians celebrate outdoors, eat together and often spend even the night outside in tents.
For the 4th of July as well as memorial day, there are thousands of people lining up the parks and beaches and bring everything "but the kitchen sink" haha

Hope this answers your question.
Again sorry it took so long to answer


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