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I have a Hawaiian teacher who usually talks about her homeland, Hawaii and I have an essay I'm working on about the Pacific culture so I interviewed her yesterday and she said she has nothing to teacher her children because her culture is completely gone and it's a heartbreak. She clearly stated the Hawaiian culture is completely gone, the clothing, songs, etc, all gone. I'm wondering if it is really true and if it is then what could be the reasons please?

Aloha Twinkle,

I am sorry your teacher thinks that way.
I am not sure when was the last time she visited Hawai'i but I disagree with her.
Of course Hawai'i has changed a lot over the years and we have high rises and a lot of traffic.
But things change everywhere and that is a part of life.
We have a Hawaiian radio station that only plays Hawaiian music (105.1) and some schools are immersion schools that only have classes in Hawaiian. The Hula is danced in many places in Waikiki every night and our museum (Bishop Museum) has a huge collection of Hawaiian cultural items. Men wear Hula shirts to work every day.
Of course there are the tourists that never leave Waikiki and don't care about anything else than tanning and some clothes and Hula shows have a tacky/touristy flair, but that doesn't mean that the culture is dead.
Many years ago (and that might have been when your teacher was living here) the Hawaiian culture was shut down (especially after Hawai'i became the 50th state of the USA) because everyone wanted to be 100 % American. But now, even though life is fast paced, you hear the words "aloha" and "mahalo" everywhere and the Hawai'i Chamber of Commerce, the Hawai'i Visitors' Bureau as well as many other organizations make sure we preserve the culture and the environment and the land given to us by our ancestors.



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