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Hi there,

I wanted to find out if there was a way to say

"My twin Sweethearts" in Hawaiian. I have two little girl twins and so I am trying to say they are either "Twin Sweethearts" or
"My Twin Sweethearts". I wanted to make a special license plate frame for them to put on my car. My best guess is Mahoe Ku'uipos?

They adore Hawaii and it is my second home.

Thank you!

Aloha JC,
I apologize for the late answer but I was away for a few days.

Hawaiians don't have a "plural" for nouns meaning you wouldn't say Ku'uipos but rather without the "s" even if there is more than 1.
As for Mahoe that is the correct word for twin.
Many people add "s" to a noun like for example flower leis instead of flower lei to avoid confusion but per se Hawaiians don't have a plural for nouns.

Hope this helps. I love the idea of the license plate :-)



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