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QUESTION: Hello a good friend of ours just lost his father. They are native Hawaiian's and I would like to write in the sympathy card in Hawaiian.  How do you write or say "I"m sorry for the loss of your father" in Hawaiian?

ANSWER: Aloha Sherri
Sorry for the late reply but I needed help on this one from a friend of mine who is a professor of Hawaiian language at the university and this is what he said:

Luʻuluʻu ihola hoʻi i ka hala ʻana o kou makua kāne,
(The heart mourns the loss of your father)

It is nice to add a note of hope with that:

a na ke aloha e hoʻōla mai i ka ʻeha a hoʻolana aʻe i ka manaʻo.
(may love and compassion heal the hurt and uplift the heart.)

hope this helps
sorry about the loss of your friend. I am sure words in Hawaiian will mean a lot and show how thoughtful you are.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your kindness in looking into this for me. You went above and beyond and I appreciate it so much.  Eric is a native Hawaiian and they are heading there this spring with the ashes to spread them in a ceremony with the rest of the family on the Big Island that still resides there.  I wonder if he will know what the two sentences say?  :)

Aloha Sherri,

Eric might not know as many native Hawaiians don't know Hawaiian very well anymore since it's not spoken on a daily basis in the islands. But he will have the translation so that will help I am sure.
Glad I was able to give you some comfort.


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