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we are thinking about a2 week trip to Kauai (we've been to the other islands) and are wondering if this is too much time.  We love to snorkel, swim, explore, hike and would be happy to visit all parts of the island over that time.  We would have to rent a car.  Is there an area that might be most convenient for us to make as our base, instead of moving hotels.  Could we visit all parts of the island in day trips?

Aloha Fay,

Kauai is a beautiful island, quiet and pristine. So if you are looking for nature and hiking, snorkeling and don't need big night life and shopping malls, then you will not get bored one bit.
I think staying in either Poipu (the South) or Princeville (the North) are best because then you have at least a little city to lean back on for grocery shopping etc.
Don't stay in Lihue. Even though this is the capital of the island, it's not that pretty.
With a car (yes you need one) you can get around the whole island in a day so no matter what your day plans will be, it's easy to come back to your home base (be it North or South) easily at night.

Hope this helps.
Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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